Time to say goodbye

Thank you!

The time has come to give some thanks! It has been a wonderful time to update this blog and especially to see that readers have been so active. Either directly by commenting on the articles or by sending email to me.

I started this blog to see if it is possible to create a popular blog of the topic that interests me much. Subaru Forester is a car that I like much – still do after these years of owning the car. Blog itself was created even before when I received my car. I eagerly searched for so much information about the new car. Then I started to write about my own experiences. In total, 91 posts. That is quite many articles of one car model!

Articles included fuel consumption related data but also everyday experiences. Lots of photos of the car. Some interviews of the other Forester owners. It has been so fun to create all the content.

It also looks like many have found this blog interesting. According to the statistics blog gets 65k page views yearly.

The most interesting highlight was that Google ranked adventureforester.com as a number one for a short period when searching fuel consumption for the Subaru Forester e-Boxer. Second search result was a global Subaru Corporation website.

However, I am busy currently with other topics than writing Forester related experiences. I have decided to let this website expire. Expiring means that I will lose my domain adventureforester.com and it will be adventureforester.wordpress.com in the future. I also lose some advanced layout options for the blog user interface. Most likely the user interface will be broken. Content will be there anyway.

Reason for this decision is that upkeeping the website costs me some money. Blogging requires quite a lot of time, which I do not have currently.

So it is time to thank you all for all your support! Thank you!

What next

To those who are interested in what I am doing next. Here’s the answer. Well I am a stay at home dad till December, 2022 with my 2 years old kid. Then I am returning to my day job.

If I have any freetime, I am photoshooting Lego bricks. You red it right. Lego bricks. I welcome you to check my work so far with the bricks. It seems that I have taken at least a few good photos since I was invited to the Lego Masters Finland competition. However I replied to them that I enjoy it more behind the camera than in front of it.

I have a Youtube channel and then Instagram page. Youtube channel includes stop motion animations and Instagram has more still photos. I can assure you that creating a stop motion animation is a huge work. Not an easy task. Above animation has roughly 1500 still images. So I would be happy for any new subscribers either on Youtube or at Instagram.

hope to see you in the future!
adventureforester.com aka Bricks Untold


  1. Thank God, i do not mean to be rude but Subaru best times are long over and Forester is a piece of ….. And waste of time comparing to most of modern cars.

    Have a better time. Good luck


    1. Well I disagree with your view. Forester could have a better electrification or even full EV model available. Otherwise car is very capable and comfortable to drive. Have you tried it ever?


      1. This is sad news. I really liked it. But, nothing lasts forever…
        Thank you mate, it was a lot of excellent articles about the Forester which I have and love. Wish you the best of luck in whatever you will be doing next! Gonna miss this place.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you for the kind words! It was a difficult decision to keep this site or not to keep. Decided to give up at this point. Blog was a fun project and received lot of good feedback.

        Make sure to check my next project on Youtube and Instagram 🙂


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