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Hi! this is a Subaru Forester e-Boxer enthusiast blog. Purpose for the Adventureforester blog is to be easy, helpful and meaningful resource for those who owns a Subaru Forester e-Boxer or plans to buy one. I have owned e-Boxer Forester over a year now and gathered a lot different experiences and opinions about the car by driving here and there in Finland. Majority of the blog content is based on this experience. 

Blog includes tips and tricks of the e-Boxer. Fuel consumption data, real user experiences, photos and other stories of the car. In other words this site has more original content than already elsewhere published information. On the other-hand, Subarists are known to be loyal to the brand but they are also usually very adventurous people. Therefor nature attractions, outdoor experiences and road trips are presented here as well.

If you find this blog helpful (as I really hope), the best way to thank is to actively comment on the blog posts. Also if you like this blog, let others know it too on the social media.

This blog does not have any connections to Subaru Corporation or its subsidiaries. Site is privately owned and this is a hobby project to maintain and produce content. To find official information of the car, please make sure to seek it from Subaru’s own web sites.

Enjoy your stay here!

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