Ultimately this is a Subaru fan site. Subarists are known to be loyal to the brand. If you own or planning to purchase the e-Boxer Forester, this blog might be interesting for you. Subaru owners, specially Forester and Outback, are somewhat adventurous people. They have cars where most of the other cars cannot go. So if we own such a great car, it is because we want to drive to different type of destinations.

Every trip can be a small adventure or expedition. Not necessary Monday mornings when we are going to work but weekends are great time to spend with family and explore new places. On this blog getting to the destination is documented among what we can find from the destination. Also, my personal goal is to become better content creator on different social media platforms.

Information presented on the site is either my opinions, experiences or what has been found from various sources.

Journey is the principal goal.